"Easy Running For Easy People"
About the Sarnia"Chemical Waste" Hash House Harriers

The Hash itself has gone through several transitional phases over the past 29 years but still manages to Hash on a monthly basis. We have a thirst for the 'Golden Nectar" and the love of Trail.... We Run, Walk, Jog or Crawl ... in order to get to the beer!

We are made up of a group of social, non-competitive runners, walkers and BEER drinking wankers who usually Hash once and sometimes twice a month... most likely on a Saturday…some Sundays ...some Mondays and even some Thursdays.

We are a small and casual fun loving Hash group, so If your in town and you wanna Hash, let us know. ... ON! ON!

SH3 "Chemical Waste" founders Gypsy and Scorecard ... "Sharing of The Golden Nectar!"

So What is Hashing?

Quite simply,
Hashing is where a group of people "Hashers" follow a Pre-Marked Trail that has been marked with Flour, Ribbon, Toilet Paper and or Tissue Paper etc. etc. by the "Hare", the Hare or Hares being the ones who lay the Trail which is about approximately 3-4 miles or 5 km. of True Trail in length.

This Trail leads to BEER, water, snacks, and a lot of camaraderie. Some people run, some people walk, and some jog, but they all follow these marks along streets, Trails, and off the beaten path until they find a BEER stop.