"Easy Running For Easy People"

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a good runner to hash?

Absolutely not! We have a wide range of runners, joggers and walking wankers who belong to the Hash. Most of us fit somewhere in between. You can run as much or as little as you like. The Hash is really more about being outdoors, socializing and drinking BEER. Afterall, we are known as a "drinking club with a running club problem."

How far do you typically run or walk?
The typical hash length is between four to six miles, with beverage checks along the way, which is not to say that it could be shorter. It's really up to the Hare who lays the trail.

What happens if I get lost during the run?
Getting lost!.."Really" ... be please aware that we watch out for one another, especially the "new boots" or "Virgins". If you happen to stray off the trail, we’ll probably find you, well most of the time anyway.

How do I join?
You really don't join, you just simply show up. Sarnia "Chemical Waste" Hash House Harriers are a pretty laid back group of social, non-competitive runners, walkers and BEER drinking wankers. The basics, trail marks and other hash “rules” are always explained before the run starts with the first “rule” being that there are no rules!

What is “hash time” vs. “real time?”
“Hash time” is usually a half hour before the beginning of the run. It’s designed to get hashers to the run location and it’s a great time to socialize. “Real time” is when the hare (the person setting the trail) gives any instructions and begins the run.

What do you do after the run?
The “On-After” is the so called social after the Hash Run. We typically meet at a bar, restaurant or someone’s house. At the On-After there are “ceremonies” where the Hare, any first timers to a Hash or "Virgins" and anyone who may have did something notable (or really stupid) during the run, drink a beer (or other beverage) while the rest of us sing encouraging Hash songs.

What happens if it rains, snows etc?
Uhhh! "Really ... be aware that we are hashers not winers. The hash will go on! Weather conditions never affects the way a beer goes down. ON! ON! as we say.

What should I wear
Umme... that's a loaded question. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in or not. We guarantee you that you will not be judged on how you look. At least not till the down downs!

How much does it cost?
A typical run may cost $5.00 which covers the beer or other beverages during the course of the run and at the down downs.

How often do you run?
Most hashes run twice as month as a rule where as the Sarnia HHH "Chemical Waste" tend to fluctuate currently running at least once a month or not at all, or every 6 months or whenever we feel like it!... most likely on a Saturday…and some Thursdays or on a Friday or whenever we can get a Hare.