"Easy Running For Easy People"
Hashing Terms

AGM (Annual General Meeting) .... in many Hashes, the occasion for Annual Erections of Hash Mismanagement; in others, an excuse for a party; also Annual General Piss Up

"Alcohol Abuse" .... spilling or otherwise the wasting of BEER at any time during a Hash, especially during Down - Downs

"Are You?" (RU?)
Question shouted by the pack to FRB's, meaning "Are you on the trail?" "Are you?", abbreviated "RU?", is shouted out when you are off Trail and trying to find Marks. If you spot another Hasher, you can shout "RU?", as in "Are you "On Trail"?". If they say "ON ON", then they are. If they say, "Checking", they are looking for Trail but have no lead yet. If they say "NO", they are lost too.

"Auto-Hashing" .... riding in a automobile during the course of a Hash Run, a heinous violatio Hash Etiquette

Back Check .... Trail Mark indicating that back tracking is necessary in order to find the True Trail because the True Trail branches off prior to the Check Mark

"Beer Check" .... In most Hashes, there is at least one Beer Check. If there is only one Beer Check (which is the norm), it is usually near the halfway point "On Trail". There is usually beer and water (and sometimes munchies) available at the Beer Check to refresh yourself for the rest of Trail.

Beer Meister .... a highly regarded position.The person that looks after the BEER for the Beer Stops during the Hash Run and Hash Circle. Also responsible for stock piling BEER for future runs

"Beer Near"
.... (or BN, as it is marked "On Trail") means that you are close to the Beer Check. It is a very happy thing to see "On Trail" because it means a short rest and, of course, BEER! It is usually shouted out, so the people behind can know they are close too.

"Check" .... A Check is a Mark (usually an X) on Trail that denotes that theTrail can go in any direction from that point. Often times, Checks are used at intersections. At a Check it is common for Hashers to split up and look for Trail. When a Hasher sees Marks they should call for the rest of the Hashers. They may call "ON ON" or they may call "ON1",
"ON 2", "ON 3". Traditionally, when finding "ON 3", this means you are on the Right Trail.

.... Answer shouted by the FRB to the Pack when asked "RU?", indicating that the FRB has not determined whether the Trail he's following is True or False Trail.

"Choirmaster" .... Mismanagement Member who would lead the Down - Down songs

"Circle" .... Assembly of Hashers at Trail's end, normally for the purpose of conducting Down - Downs. The Circle is held at the "ON IN" after everyone has arrived. Everyone stands in a Circle and someone (usually the RA or GM) leads the group in zany, often dirty, songs and hands out lots of BEER for the Down - Downs.

Debauchery .... Any of several morale-building mixed-sex activities indulged in by Hashers, usually during the course of the Hash Run, Down - Downs or continued partying after Hash formalities have concluded.

DFL (Dead Fucking Last) .... last member of pack to finish Trail, sometimes honored during Down - Downs.

DOT (Dead on Trail) .... hopelessly lost

"Down - Down" .... The ceremony of quaffing a beverage (an Honor)

"Down - Downs" .... The ceremonies at the end of a Hash Run.

Eagle Trail .... an optional section of Trail, longer or more difficult than the standard Trail

False Trail .... A False (usually marked with an F) is usually a Short Trail that has ended. There will be a Trail up to a BIG F (meaning False Trail) and you will have to turn around (yelling "False" to let everyone else know) and go back to the last Check.

F.B.A.C. (Fat Boys' Athletic Club) ...... a kinder, gentler subset of the Hashing community with rigorous membership standards.

"Fat Boys" ... (The Fat Boys Run) .... generally speaking is not a run at all, but rather a slow walk or stroll on a very Short Trail lead by the Hare, marked or unmarked. Usually at the end of an event, the last day, an excuse for more BEER before everyone leaves!

FRB/FRB's (Front - Running Bastards) .... faster members that run at the front of Pack.

Grand Master/Mistress (GM) .... Mismanagement Member, ceremonial leader of the Hash. This term is, in many Hashes, given to the Hash Master/Mistress after his tenure.

Grand Mattress (GM) .... Synonym for Grand Mistress.

Haberdasher .... Mismanagement Member in charge of T-shirts, hats, mementos, etc.

Hare .... Hasher who lays the Trail.

Hare Raiser .... Mismanagement Member in charge of lining up Hares for future Trails

Harriette .... Female Hasher

Hash .... 1) the Hash House Harriers, as in "I run with the Hash" 2) an individual Kennel, as in "I run with the Sarnia Hash"

"Hash Bar" .... any Bar or Tavern frequented by Hashes for the purpose of Hash Runs or Down - Downs ex: The Squire Tavern, Petrolia, Ontario (Official Hash Bar of the Sarnia H3 Chemical Waste until it closed in 2012.) Gone but not forgotten! Long Live The Squire!

Hash Cash .... Mismanagement Member; the Treasurer

Hash Flash .... designated Hash Photographer for Hash Runs and Hash Events

Hash Horn .... Mismanagement Member; carries a Horn or Bugle on Trail, blows it to encourage and guide the Pack

Hash House ....The Selangor Club in Kuala Lumpur, meeting place of the Mother Hash

Hash House Harrier/Harriette .... Any Hasher

Hash Name .... (Nickname) Usually bestowed upon an individual after a set number of runs (5) in honour of a notable incident, particularly during a Hash. Can also be a play on ones real name or individuals profession or hobby. One must earn their name so to speak and cannot pick their own name

"Hash Piss".... Mismanagement Member in charge of looking after the Beer Stops. Also responsible for stock piling BEER for future runs

"Hash Respect!" .... reverential attitude of right-thinking Pack members toward the GM during the Circle and Down - Downs

Hash Scribe .... Mismanagement Member normally in charge of writing the Hash Trash.

Hash Shit .... Offensive or embarrassing object awarded to a Hasher for notable "On Trail" accomplishments, normally carried by the awardee on subsequent trails until it is awarded to someone else.

"Hash Time" .... Not all Hashes are alike, but many run on "Hash Time". For example, running on "Hash Time" means that a start time of 2:00 p.m. actually starts around 2:30 p.m. In other Hashes, if they say it starts at 2:00 p.m., it may start at 2:00 p.m. or at 3:00 p.m. So be prepared to show up on time and perhaps to wait. Don't be discouraged if you show up on time and no one is there. Just wait for awhile, they're probably just running on "Hash Time" and grab a BEER!

Hash Trash .... Newsletter about previous Hashes and lists of Upcoming Hashes & Future Hash Events.

Held/hold Check .... Trail Mark indicating an intersection where the Trail Mark may take another direction, but requires Hashers to wait until ordered by the Hare to 'check it out'

Hounds .... The body of Hashers in pursuit of the Hare, (see also Pack.)

Interhash .... World Hash gathering of Hashers from around the world

International Hash Hymn .... "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot"

Kennel or Chapter .... Local Hash Group

"Live Hare" .... is a Hare who gets a HEAD start and is pursued by the rest of the Pack as he or she lays the Trail.

Long-Cutting Bastard (LCB) (1) slower member of the Pack (2) someone who gets horribly lost and comes in late

Mismanagement .... Hash Officials sometimes elected, sometimes appointed.

"Mother Hash" .... is the first Hash where you actively became involved with Hashing.

"Nash Hash" .... A national gathering of Hashers.

"New Boot" .... is someone who is Hashing for the first time.

"No Name" .... A "No Name" is simply a Hasher who has not been named yet. It could be someone who has never Hashed before or someone who has Hashed several times and just not been named. Ex: Just Dave or Just Janet would be their name until given the honour of ones naming. NO you can not name yourself!

"On Call" .... means that you are following the "ON ON" calls (or whistles) of other Hashers. In other words, you are not "On Trail" yet, but are following calls to get there. Often the answer to "RU?".

"On In" .... The "On In" is the end of the Trail. The words "On In" are usually written (in flour or chalk) to show that you've made it to the end. "On Trail" is shouted when you reach the "On In" to let stragglers know where to go and let the people "On Trail" behind you know they are close to the end. Depending on the Hash, the "On In" may include snacks or real food, but it should definitely have BEER and a Circle.

"On On On!" .... is the after party, so to speak. It is after the "On In" and the circle, usually held at a bar, but occasionally held at someone's house (or the "On In"). Basically, it's an "after the Hash is over" social time.

"ON ON" .... is said when you are following marks, so that others in the vicinity know you are "On Trail" and can make their way "On Trail" as well. Don't say "ON ON" if you are not following Hash Marks.

On Sec .... Mismanagement Member normally in charge of Hash rosters, run records, etc

On Trail .... when you are "On Trail" following the Marks or the Pack.

"On Up!" .... (or Down, under, over, through, etc): what Hounds sound to let those following know that the Trail has become a challenge and the type of challenge being encountered

Pack .... The body of Hashers in pursuit of the Hare, see Hounds

Receding Hareline .... List of up-and-coming Hash Runs Events

"Red Dress Run" .... a theme Hash where Hares and the Pack wear Red Dresses. Variations include The Green Dress Lingerie Runs, Mini-skirt Runs, Nude Runs, etc

Religious Advisor (RA) .... Mismanagement Member, often in charge of the Circle, also in charge of Blessing the Hash and settling disputes over tradition. Also considered to be responsible for the weather.

SCB / SCB's (Short-Cutting Bastard) .... a habitual short-cutter

Shiggy ....Thick vegetation, streams, etc; especially mud encountered on Hash Trail.

"Song Meister" .... Mismanagement Member who leads the Down - Down songs

Sweep or Sweeper .... Hare who remains with the last runners to prevent any stragglers from getting lost from Pack.

"Trailmaster" .... Mismanagement Member in charge of scouting out & laying of HashTrails.

"Turtle Check" .... Trail Mark* indicating that FRB's should wait at the Mark until the slower Hashers (the Turtles) have caught up; normally used on Dead Hare Trails to keep the Pack together (in some Hashes this is known as a Circle Check)

"Turkey Trail" .... optional section of Trail, normally shorter and easier than the Main Trail

"Virgin" .... a Hash Newbie, first-time Hasher. "Hash Virgin" is someone who has never Hashed before. It is not a Hasher without a Hash name, only someone who is Hashing for the very first time.

"Virgin Lay" (1) a Virgin Hare's 1st Trail (2) a new Kennel's 1st Hash (3) self explainatory

"Virgin Hare" .... a Hasher who is a Hare for the first time.

"Violation" .... any infraction of Hash Etiquette or Tradition, on or off Trail

"Violator" .... he or she who must be punished, normally by a Down - Down

"Wanker" .... in Hash use, an everyday Hasher but literally, a Masturbator; in English/Australian use, a sort of "Sad Sack" character

"Web Wanker" .... the individual who looks after the Hash web site.

"WherdaFuckarWee?" .... from a Hash song, what a Hound might say when lost