"Easy Running For Easy People"
Sarnia "Chemical Waste" HHH Scavenger Run May 21st 2011

Starting at the SarniaRocks, Plants and More store in beautiful downtown Sarnia, Mitton St. Village, the pack gathered and registered. Brown bagging it with their incense or could that be no sense and the Scavenger Hunt list of just about everything thing you could fuckin imagine we were off after a short and sweet circle gathering introduction. A quick scan of the circle.made one wonder "What the Fuck ...don't these people have anything better to do on a hot sat. afternoon." But here they were, all primed and ready to go. Myself, I couldn't wait for the first beer stop. ON! ON! We were off... the "Chemical Waste" was on the piss again!

Picking up garbage....what a way to clean up the city! ...I mean straws, beer caps, a birthday candle..they were on the list... a Condom...oops maybe not on the list but may need for later eh...ON! ON! ...  the pack made their way on down Davis St. Curious drive byers wondering what the fuck are these people doing as they are being asked to pose for photos from their vehicles.... On the list ... a stranger driving by! ...A few dips and false trails and quite a few FRB's...Didn't anyone tell these people this was a don't have to fuckin run you wankers!... ON! ON! ...Scorecard and K9 acting as the sweep team made sure no one was left behind and eventually made it to an olde watering hole of the Chemical Waste...."The Virgin Gardens"...damn typos ...thats Village Gardens as in Village People and thats what some of these wankers started to look like as the gathered up items on the list that were carefully placed along the trail by Organizer and her #1 one son....could be her only son for fuck if I know ...Just Rob... could even be an Organ-checker for that matter...ummme???? ...anyway ... ON! ON! they were showing up at the bar ...someone with a rain poncho on....fuck it was sunny and 80 degrees out....a butterfly net...a crown...a swim get the a trip through an aisle at Dollerama...anyway the bar was happy to see us, 25 thirsty wankers with only beer on their minds ... fuck they've never been this busy on a sat afternoon...since the last time we were there anyway....

Then it was ON! ON! to the Picadilly Palace for a few more beers..or it seemed like quite a few more beers by this the people in this place caught on rather quick....cameras out for a few photo ops and and couple of show us your tits ...without being prompted at all...definetly hasher material.......then it was ON! ON! back to the Dempseys bar for a patio down down scene... ...lots of virgin down downs....several out of towners down downs...Rugburn and Tamara seemed to be the FRBs .. thus accumulating the most points for the Scavenger run. ...and maybe an FRB for K9 who managed to somehow get back to Dempseys rather quick and before the pack...ahhh....can you say afternoon  "shuttle service" ....all in all a good run on a fine day by Organ-izer and #1 son Just Rob.

Hares: Organ-izer and Just Rob
The Pack: Scorecard, K-9, Leaky Faucet, Citrasmella, Beaver Checker, Just Janet, Just Cara, Just Len, Rugburn, Tamara,
Out of Towners: TMI General, Semper II, Damn it & Damn it, Private Showing from Detroit /Ann Arbor and Minuteman from Toledo.
Virgins: Tina, Monica, Russell, Cathy, Lori, Vern, Ashley, Karen (came by herself knowing no one) umme we may have a name here ...LOL

Rehash of our 21st. Anniversary Run: September 19, 2009.

"21 Years of Indecision"

Sarnia's HHH 21st. Anniversary run was the best we have had for many years. A short bus ride delivered us to a private location where right off, we were awed at the gardens and buildings but what was even more incredable was the actual trails laid out by Scorecard, M.C and B.C. plus friends.

Perfect weather, visitors from the newly formed London HHH and of course welcoming two world traveling hashers, MTM and Rambo from Rawanda.

The logistics to pull this off were also unbelievable. The Down Down's and ON ON were at the abandoned log house way out in the bush and just how Sweat To Eat and Scorecard was able to deliver a hot meal out there baffles even me.

Thanks to the new boots for just showing up, not really knowing what to expect and hopefully for the next run, we can all bring one more new person and who knows, with all this 'new blood' that attended this event, we'll still be here another 21 years from now.

For the 33 people who did attend, I'm sure this one will stay in your memory for a long time. For those who missed this run, well to damn bad. Well done, well done.

Here is a link to a few pictures:

(hope it works)


The Pack: Scorecard, Sweet To Eat, Gypsy, Bimbo,Tattoo, Ass Wipe, St. Dick O Less, Beaver Checker, Sue Gibson, Moose Cock, Can U Eat it, Citra Smell Ya, Leeky Faucet, Canine, ON, Chantilly Lace

Out of Towners: I Need A,
Jo aka (Headlamp), Rambo and MTM

Virgins: Laura Whitely, Jocelyn Gibson, Melanie, Caitlin, Carmen Loucks, Alex Perdeaux, Mike Giffin, Ryan Saccheth, Darren Fielder

Out of the Woodwork Run! Or Thai One On On!
April 30th, 2006.
Hares: Scorecard & Leaky Faucet.

They came in droves as Citra Smell Ya had promised a homemade Thai spread ... of food that is (: .... for this one......not to mentio
n that she wasn't far from the real one by the end of the night! .... With Scorecard and Leeky Faucet having laid out the run you kinda wondered who would be leading who...ON! ON!...kinda the olde blind leading the blind deal. A whole roll of plastic ribbon Scorecard promised was out there on the trail....Not to mention the few strands that were up his ass me no questions above the beer stop. ...What's with the Laker Beer!!! .... ya think this is Pittsburg or Hogtown! ... Doooh! ...we really still do think about you wankers!!!!! .... (:

Even so was a good day for some cold ones, a Thai Food spread and a little sprinkle
of rain to cool one off and a renewance of some olde aquaintances and wankers!

Hey even Mother & Sex & Ate came for the Grub..."Sure Beats take Out"
Sex was heard to say! or even Taco Bell eh Sex.... "Run for the border!" buddy!
ON! ON! .... See ya at the next one eh!

See video show of the last SH3

The Pack: Scorecard, Sweet To Eat, Gooey, Gypsy, Lady Bimbo, Road Kill,
Blaze Star, Maaria (Shooter Girl), Tattoo, Cling N Seal, Ass Wipe, Spank Me,
Moose Cock, Can U Eat it, Organ-izer, Cable Guy, Lay Z Boy, Citra Smell Ya,
Leeky Faucet, Annema and Canine.

Out of Towners: Detroit's Mother Inferior, Sex & Ate!
New boots: Judy and ...Gail...aka BITE ME!